About our firm

Many traditional firms promote their value as the ability to provide high quality representation of their clients. At Hill Smith, we believe that the ability to provide high quality representation should not be viewed as the ultimate value to our clients. It should simply be a mere starting point; beyond that point is where true value takes hold. We have a reputation for growing with our clients and it is not uncommon for Hill Smith's clients to informally call upon us for thoughts on their operational and business endeavors.

Similar to our clients, we run our firm like a business, not like a law firm. Our business tactics and marketplace innovation mirror those of the clients we serve. We knock on doors, knock down doors, and reach new levels in the same manner in which our clients battle through the marketplace on a daily basis. In other words, we understand what it takes to build, run, and maintain a successful business. We just happen to be lawyers at the same time.

At Hill Smith King & Wood, our youth, talent, energy, and entrepreneurial partnership structure allows our lawyers to focus tirelessly on only one thing, you, the client. Existing clients will testify to our unparalleled client service, responsiveness, and inventive thought. Prospective clients can expect the same. Regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 multinational, the lawyers and advisors of Hill Smith King & Wood will treat you with uncompromising dedication and devotion until your goals are achieved. Clients come first.

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